The Matrix Reloaded

Last week was big for crypto. The Coinbase IPO happened and the whole world seemed to wake up in recognition of crypto as an asset class. While this is a major step in the legitimization of the space, some even calling it crypto’s ’Netscape moment’, I want to take the opportunity to highlight the dangers of crypto going mainstream.

The United States is woefully behind in the crypto economy in every conceivable measure. For Bitcoin PoW blockchain, the U.S. represents a mere 7% of the global hash rate while China represents approx. 65%. This has lead thinkers like Peter Thiel

Battlestar Galactica

In contrast to the current landscape of consultants and a disparate hodgepodge of agile reporting metrics, I want to lay out a clear, succinct, and effective strategy for measuring and optimizing an agile program's delivery process. There are five main charts (a collection of associated metrics) that should drive its delivery process. We’ll look at each in logical order.

The first point to be made before getting into the details is that these charts should be real-time and publicly visible. If they are not seen or can’t be used for self-correction then they won’t be effective tools for change. This…

Early automobiles and engine applications

Blockchain is the technology on which Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies are built. Much of the talk around this technology revolves around speculation and making fast money. Because of this many scams have been pulled and this has, in turn, led many people to discount the entire technology as unnecessary and as even a scam itself. In fact, my favorite place for tech news for over a decade has been Hacker News but you will find nearly all the comments on all articles related to blockchain technology completely dismissive of it. It was pretty shocking to me when I first…

Like many others, my first exposure to Agile was through Scrum and the dominant method of planning and forecasting involved story points and velocity. From the beginning, like many as well, I had difficulty understanding exactly how story points worked and why time, in the form of days, wasn’t being used to estimate. I also struggled to discover ways to help teams meet Sprint goals and found it difficult to estimate releases that contained a large number of unestimated issues. The entire approach seemed far less sophisticated than the work being delivered. In the remainder of this post, I want…

There is a global revolution happening right now and it’s happening so fast that unless you are explicitly told about it, it will very likely remain entirely invisible to you. The only inklings you may have that something is happening is headlines mentioning Bitcoin and another COVID-19 stimulus package. This revolution didn’t start this year or even last but it has accelerated so dramatically the past three months that it is clear that we have approached a tipping point. This global revolution that I speak of concerns the very nature and mechanics of the worldwide economy. This revolution is being…

In my previous posts in this series, I talked about the motivation and the rationale behind using GitHub as a backend for writing. To summarize the motivation, consider the following:

  • GitHub represents a familiar and cloud-based interface
  • GitHub has precise collaboration mechanisms
  • This approach is consistent with the increasingly integrated relationship between content and code
  • Mechanisms for the precise measurement of contribution and editorial changes are in place

To add to all this, I read several books last year that profoundly impacted my view of how important habits are. Between Deep Work, Atomic Habits, and The Compound Effect, I set…

Vulcan School, Star Trek 2009

Everything is a Story

As humans, we are primed at the deepest levels to listen to and tell stories. We create movies, television shows, write novels, and sit around the dinner table telling each other stories about our day. It goes even deeper than that. It’s said that even startups rise or fall on the quality of the story behind the business venture. We even frame the whole way we deliver software products around user capabilities described in “User Stories”. So it should come with little surprise that all the major social media platforms have organized around the story format…

[Image: Provenance by Julian-Faylona]

When people talk about the technological singularity they usually do so exclusively in the context of Moore’s Law. But there are several Moore’s Law-like laws at work in the world and each of them is equally baffling. I’m referring to this list of trends as “power laws” because of the nature of their incredible rate of growth and because they independently work as pistons driving the engine of the singularity. A few things to note about these power laws. Firstly they are just observations. There are no, known, deeper physical principles in the universe that would lead us to believe…

I am increasingly convinced that the most effective communication or documentation is presented in three forms: Code, content, and diagram. I am not suggesting something as strong as a Curry–Howard correspondence but a very meaningful and necessary continuum exists between the three.

Let’s start with code and content. It’s long been understood that code should be self-documenting. One way to do this is to include snippets of natural language within the codebase that get parsed differently in order to produce human-readable documentation. The relationship works the other way as well. Do you remember the last really good tech talk you…

In a previous post, I spoke about moving to GitHub as a technical writing platform. In this post, I will address some of the challenges I faced, methods of resolution, and future goals as I continue down this journey. If you want to know the exact reasons I have made this change you can review that previous post.

But just to recap some of the largest points:

  • Knowledge workers should be consistently producing useful content
  • The most precise way of measuring and collaborating on that content is with a version control system
  • GitHub naturally presents itself as an ideal platform…

Justice Gödel Conder

Agilist + Futurist

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