DAO Macrostructures

DAO Landscape by Coopahtroopa

Structure as Delivery Teams, not Specialist Groups

It is human nature to gather among similar individuals. Experts naturally gravitate to the other practitioners of their field. There’s nothing wrong with this by itself but if it represents the primary structure of your DAO it will present long-term problems if the goal is to produce integrated products and services. Large-scale software delivery approaches, therefore, make a distinction between teams and communities of practice (CoPs) spread across those teams and place a priority on the execution teams. There are proven benefits to organizing in this way.

Think in terms of Products, not Projects

Again, it’s human nature to start projects. Projects are typically temporary endeavors that can be started, stopped, or put on pause indefinitely and at will. Starting a project or flitting between projects gives one the feeling that they are getting things done. Launching a product is an entirely different animal and a distinct change in perspective and mindset occurs when one shifts to thinking in terms of products instead of projects.

Establish Economics as a First Principle

If the purpose of the DAO is value accrual to its members then starting any endeavor without a value proposition should be off the table. This is not to say that the only thing DAOs care about is money but if they value their continued existence, this must be the starting point. If it is not then the DAO does not have a viable long-term operating system.

Deliver on a Regular and Established Cadence

I’ve never in my life seen a truly big-bang release go well. What proves to be most effective in every sphere of complex creation is the iterative and incremental delivery of user-facing value. This means demonstrating new capabilities on a regular and predictable cadence. It provides structure to the delivery teams and supports sustained confidence from stakeholders. This requires a certain mindset and planning upfront on how to slice a product vision into independently and incrementally valuable pieces.



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