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  1. Connect. The first step is to start thinking of people as people and not as fungible objects. Meet, talk, connect and share. Even modifying one’s language to talk about individuals rather than “resources” is a good start to adjusting one’s outlook. Well-known speaker and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk recently said of one of his massive conferences was that his number one goal was to meet every single person and make them feel important.
  2. Start with why. Appeal to individuals’ innate sense of meaning and purpose. Watch Simon Sinek’s video on this and think about the way you are seeking to influence others and delegate responsibility.
  3. Amplify Motivation. Theory X and Theory Y posit two competing models of human motivation. The first argues that people primarily only work out of necessity and through external stimuli. The second argues that people work naturally from internal motivations and that it is fundamentally little different from play. Tap into the Theory Y of seeing things and reassess your worldview of human beings. This, probably more than anything, has the potential to revolutionize your dealings with others and empathy for them. Empathy is a superpower granting uncommon vision into human behavior.

People-Centered Evaluation

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